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Three Things to Consider when Buying Accessories

I am always attracted to any item of clothing, particularly accessories, that are sparkly and sequinned, feathery and furry, leather and luxe. Anything I can put on that is textured, shiny, or leopard print, then I’ll put it on and I’ll run with it.

So when I discovered these fabulous feather cuffs from the gorgeous design duo at Little Wings Designs (two sisters-in-law in Brisbane) I jumped at them, clutched them lovingly to my heart, put them on and basically reverse-engineered a whole outfit entirely around them. They just make me feel that little bit cooler whenever I wear them.

This got me thinking about accessories and the things that I’ve learned through years of trial and error when it comes to choosing accessories. Three things stand out:

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1.  quality made accessories elevate your whole outfit

Never underestimate the effect that a Gucci belt, a Chloe handbag or some Celine boots have on an outfit. You might be wearing Zara, but the luxe accessories lift it to whole other level. With the right accessories, you can get away with high street outfits in not-so-high-street settings. No one will be any the wiser (picture me squinting one eye and tapping the side of my nose knowingly).

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2.  accessories tell a story

When I first saw the divine Little Wings feather cuffs, I immediately pictured myself as an elegant beach bohemian, wearing them with a floaty Zimmerman dress and strappy sandals, holding court at a glamorous beach bar on the Peninsula, champagne in hand, surrounded by ridiculously good-looking people. The draw back was that I live in land-locked London, right now its the middle of winter, and my friends aren’t that good looking (just kidding! They’re all gorgeous).

That didn’t stop me though. The feather cuffs can also tell a more urban story, not just my beachside bohemian fantasy. So I scoured my wardrobe for denim, leather, a ruffled skirt and cute little ankle boots, and voila! I call this look, “Elegant Urban Bohemian”, loitering on the mean streets of North London.

When investing in accessories, think about the story you want to tell with them – urban cowgirl on the run from the law? Parisian fashion editor with a secret S&M fetish? Uptight accountant with a drinking problem? The options are limitless. (Note, I’ve never actually tried any of those looks, but would really love to see what the outfits might look like).

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3.  invest in quality classic pieces

You will never ever go wrong if you invest in classic pieces (this goes for clothes as well as accessories – see my post on the blazer here).

Take jewellery for example. I’ve fallen into the trap of buying cheap costume jewellery from high street stores. It was a genius idea – at the time. But then, it’s always fun until a diamanté falls into your cocktail glass.

Classic every-day accessories, such as gold hoop earrings, pointed toe stilettos, silk scarves, aviator or cat eye sunglasses are all worthy of investing in. They will last you a lot longer than any trend-led item that tempts you from time to time. You can drink your martini in peace.

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Feather cuffs: Little Wings Designs; Sunglasses: Kapten & Son; Boots: Tony Bianco; Belt: Gucci; Bag: Meli Melo; Skirt: Camilla & Marc; Shirt: J Crew; Jacket: Zara.