Bermuda Length Jean Shorts 2

Bermuda Length Jean Shorts

In recent years, I’ve not been a fan of shorts as a building block in my summer sartorial creations. I often felt a little frumpy, a little dumpy and ever so slightly plumpy in a pair of shorts.

The reason is that I used to wear shorts with tshirts and nondescript sandals. The result: I looked like one of those tourists who walk in groups following a tour guide who holds up an umbrella and narrates the tour via listening devices stashed away in non-ironic, non-Gucci bum bags (that’s a fanny-pack, to my US readers). You know who I mean. I just didn’t feel good about myself in such a pedestrian ensemble.

But this summer I embraced the bermuda length jean shorts (a la early 2000’s) and realised the error of my short-wearing ways. I took a blue sky approach and devised two looks that make the prospect of wearing jean shorts on the regular positively intriguing. One look is for cruising around town, like a boss. The other for elegantly lounging around a beach, like a mermaid with legs.

Shorts around Town

Bermuda Length Jean Shorts 4

Bermuda Length Jean Shorts 3

How to create this city look in a few simple steps:

Step 1: approach your wardrobe with confidence and self-belief. Take those bermuda length jean shorts out and feel the positive early 2000s vibe.

Step 2: apply a silky camisole.

Step 3: reach for that blazer, knowing that it’s going to elevate those two pieces to all levels of sophistication.

Step 4: add heels. This is important – it’s the heels that make this look work. Trainers or flat sandals risk you veering into dumpy tourist territory. The belt also makes it just that little bit more city.

shorts on the beach

Bermuda Length Jean Shorts 5

This beach look is an acquired taste. My photographer did express some hesitation when I asked if he liked the jean-shorts/beach-gown combo. But then, what does he know? This has been one of my favourite looks of the summer.

Step 1: roll out of bed, put on swimsuit, then put on your jean shorts over the top. Drink coffee.

Step 2: once caffeinated, add beach gown, and artfully tuck it into the front of the shorts. It may take a little adjusting to get it just the way you like, but stick with it.

Step 3: accessorise. Shell necklaces, straw hats, espadrilles, basket bags etc etc. The more excessive, the more this look comes alive. It’s the summer take on the dress-over-jeans look that saturated my instagram feed during the spring.

Step 4: head to the beach with your head held high. You look pretty darn stylish.

So there you have it. Two looks to try out with your newly acquired/resurrected bermuda length jean shorts. The pieces pictured are previous season, but here are my suggestions for re-creating the look:

Bermuda Length Jean Shorts 1

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  1. So this took me a couple of days to marinate in the idea of the shorts. But, I am a convert and will be in New York shortly and will totally walking around Brooklyn like a Boss xxxx

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