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A Love Letter to my Favourite Jeans – Trusty Blue

A girl’s relationship with her favourite jeans is a serious one.  The amount of time a girl spends in her jeans is akin to a long term relationship. And I feel like I have met “the one” with my trusty blue jeans. This is why I’ve penned a love letter to my favourite jeans, “Trusty Blue”…

Trusty Blue,

Before I met you, I was just out of a ten year relationship with my last pair of favourite jeans, Nudie Blue. Nudie Blue was a pair of Nudie jeans that I bought in Melbourne. I thought Nudie Blue would never fail me. But in the last of those glorious ten years together, Nudie Blue started fraying, perishing and fading away until a tragic tear in the crotchal region rendered them unwearable.

I was unconsolable, and thought I’d never find a pair of jeans in just the right shade of blue, with the right amount of stiffness in the weave, which defied time and gravity, and which would make me feel good about myself again. I searched high and low. In real life and online. To no avail.

That was until I was shopping in Copenhagen about a year ago.

Maybe the stars were all aligned in just the right constellations, or maybe I just shop too much in Copenhagen, but it was like a beacon drew me into the Swedish high street store, Gina Tricot, and then directly to the denim department. There you were. All alone, and to be brutally honest, you didn’t look like all that much. Because, let’s be honest here, is it really possible you could meet the love of your life in a reasonably priced (but yes, very stylish) high street store? Yet something about you appealed to me and when I tried you on, I felt like all my Christmases had come at once.

Your blue was, and still is, like a sea of faded bluebells in a goddam meadow. And you are completely timeless, with your mid-rise waist, straight leg and ankle grazing length. You’re not one to follow a trend or to date. To me, you will always be that brand new, classic beauty.

Over the past months, I’ve grown to love you more with every outing. Even though your weave is stiff (just how I like it to be), you somehow stretch with me during my “festively plump”  low times, and yet you spring back with me once I get my act (and diet) together. And best of all, you are just that little bit magic – making my butt look just that tiny bit higher than it really is.

I never fail to wonder at your genius and adaptability. You solve the most complicated of outfit equations with ease. Casual days: you’re all over them. Trainers, rock t-shirts and leather jackets seem to love you. Work? No problem! You take a button down shirt, blazer and sharp pair of heels and transform into all levels of corporate. And as for going out. Well, you take the fanciest, most transparent and intricately embellished top and make it look fabulous, but like I’m not really trying to look fabulous. You know? You just get me.

Even though we’ve been together a short while, I feel we know each other intimately, every darn nook and cranny of our souls are aligned. Nudie Blue was a significant part of my life before you, but you’ve taken it to all new levels of comfort and style. Love the second time around is possible. And it is awesome. To put it into three little words: You. Complete. Me.

All my love,



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Look at how happy we are together
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Every day is like Chinese New Year with Trusty Blue

Sadly, the Trusty Blue design (which is actually called the “Matilda” style at Gina Tricot) are no longer available. But I encourage you all to keep searching for “the one” that is right for you. It is possible.

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