Leopard Camel Stripes 1

Leopard + Camel + Stripes = Winning Combination

If there ever was a winning combination, it would be leopard print with anything in camel. Throw in some stripes and you’ve got yourself a combo made in heaven.

Leopard Camel Stripes 3

Let’s consider each in isolation:

1. leopard

It takes a small amount of risk and certain sophistication to pull off leopard. Leopard, embodied in anything lycra or cheap synthetics will take you straight into Fran Drescher territory. But get it right and it’s all Sophia Loren-style levels of glam. I love it and I wear it often.

2. Camel

What is it about camel that makes any item look more expensive than it might actually be? Camel as a colour is most at home in a cashmere overcoat, worn by a tanned Italian on Via Monte Napoleone wearing massive sunglasses (and something in leopard print). And her name is probably something like Valentina. Luxe at its finest.

3. stripes

Nothing says French nonchalance like a breton stripe. It is worn to best advantage in it’s natural habitat of the south of France, aboard a yacht and teamed with white linen, a straw basket and an elegantly bored look only the French can get away with. 

Now stripes go perfectly with camel. And leopard is immediately elevated by the luxe look of anything camel. But, in theory, stripes have no place next to anything remotely leopard. No place at all. The graphic simplicity of the stripes is directly at odds with the flamboyance of the leopard. 

Yet somehow it all works no matter how you arrange them. It’s a sartorial mystery, but I’m running with it. Have a look through your wardrobe and see what combos you can come up with.

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