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January – Midi Skirt

After spending an idyllic month back in my beloved Australia in the middle of the Australian summer, I’m back in London. And it’s bloody freezing. No one is going out. Its hard to look stylish in arctic temperatures. How to survive January in the northern hemisphere? Below, I share with you my personal strategy which, amongst other things, involves a midi skirt…

My month in Australia was like Australians all across the country: laid-back, sunny, beachy, boozy and so much fun. Yet again my visit home re-ignited my long-held ambition of leaving the rat race, moving to the coast and setting up shop selling coconuts on the beach wearing nothing the most fabulously decadent kaftans you could ever imagine.

Now that I’m back in London I am faced with the grim reality of having spent all my hard-earned in Australia, combined with the month of January stretching out ahead of me. To make things worse for myself, I’ve imposed a dry-January and diet regime. Contemplating the next few weeks is a bit like staring into the abyss.

Midi Skirt

So, how to get through this month without losing my mind? I have come up with a four-step strategy:

1.  Get busy

Time to get productive again. This blog isn’t going to write itself. My editorial calendar is being planned and executed as we speak.

2.  Netflix

With the social lull in London this month, Netflix will fill the temporary gaps my social life. Hello, The Crown!

3.  Ski trip

There is no way I could get through a Northern winter without at least one ski trip planned. Fortunately, one such trip has been planned for a few weeks time. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that will make my self-imposed austerity so worth it.

4.  Sartorial inspiration – the midi skirt

January is a difficult month to look stylish in. It’s freezing. Warm clothes are bulky. Those extra pounds that were put on over Christmas need to be disguised until the diet kicks in. Challenge accepted.

Its at this time of year that I turn to the midi-skirt-knitted-sweater combo. The sweater over the midi skirt hides a multitude of chocolate-coated crimes against one’s waistline committed over Christmas. The midi-length is flattering, feminine and floaty. The belt cinches it all in to stop you looking like a cushion. High boots keep you warm and toasty against the harsh windchill factor.

Midi Skirt 5Midi Skirt 2

I’m wearing an old summer skirt here, but with warm tights (consider Uniqlo heattech leggings) and high boots it becomes a winter staple. Shop similar styles to this look here:

Midi Skirt 3

Any other tips for surviving povo-January? Leave them in the comments below!