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Print – Colour Clash

If the last couple of runway seasons have taught me anything – and they have – its that we’ll all be eschewing our neutrals and monochromes for a kaleidoscope of colour and print explosions in 2017.

While its all well and good for the professionals to expertly layer clashing prints on clashing colours (I’m looking at you, Gucci) thereby creating outfits that reach all levels of phenomenal, is it possible for us mere monochrome-loving mortals to give it a proper go? Is it possible that I could put together a kaleidoscopic colour-print clash sensation without looking like Walt Disney just threw up all over me? Challenge accepted.

So in the name of rising to the challenge, I launched another raid on my wardrobe, searched hard amongst the deluge of black, white and neutrals, and pulled out the most unlikely colour combos I could think of. There had to be a minimum of two clashing prints and as many clashing colours as possible in order to fully succeed at this one.

The result? I call it “conflicting leopards coalesced with multiple shades of fuchsia juxtaposed with fucking fabulous red shoes.”

Colour Clash 2

Now, if like me you’re a devotee of neutrals, all-black or monochrome, this kind of styling is going to push you so far out of your comfort zone, it’s going to be an uncomfortable journey on which you might need some emotional support. Its hard not to feel conspicuous when your outfit screams “LOOK AT ME!” at best or “MENTALLY UNBALANCED” at worst.

What I found is that you can’t just dabble in this look with a colourful “fun” accessory or two. You can’t just dip your toe into one or two stripes on the rainbow. You’ve got to dive right in and embrace the whole spectrum. No, on second thoughts, you’ve got to do a belly-whacker into it. Roll around and cover yourself in it and then pretend like you meant to do it. Its all about confidence after all.

Colour Clash 4

So give it a go. Manifest yourself as that rare and tropical fruit cocktail in a fuchsia pantsuit that you know you are. Look for pairings of opposite shades on the colour spectrum: purple/gold, pink/green, blue/orange. Try florals with stripes, stripes with animal prints, animal prints with florals, or all of the above. Own that crazy-ass kaleidoscope.

And if you still feel a little uncomfortable, just remember that after a couple of glasses of wine you won’t really care too much what you look like anyway.

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