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Sequins – Just Bloody Wear Them

When my friends and I discuss what we plan to wear to any given event, be it a party, an interview or a hike, I always joke that I’ll turn up wearing gold sequinned sweatpants. And while it might raise a laugh or two, the truth is, I secretly would love to have a pair of sweatpants made of large gold sequins, and I’d want to wear them to as many life events as I possibly could.

I admit it: I’m partial to sequins. But generally sequins scream, “LOOK AT ME!” and carry more ostentation than most day-to-day events require. As a result, my most dazzlingly be-sequinned treasures used to end up gathering dust, barely seeing the light of day except the odd occasion when I took them out of the wardrobe to fondle lovingly and wonder when I might ever work up the guts to wear them. That was until I decided, “f*ck it, just bloody wear it.”

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I came to this conclusion upon discovering the very fabulous Dawn O’Porter‘s podcast “Get it On” in which she mentioned her mantra “just bloody wear it.” Basically, she advocates that if you love it, wear it.

It is pretty straight forward: love it = wear it. Still, I initially found it daunting to put on an attention-grabbing, “hello world” outfit (in this case, sequins) and face the world without wondering if I looked a tiny bit like a failed ballroom dancer from the 1980s.

Through trial and error I found three rules – three “C”s if you will – which helped me get over myself and get on board with the sparkle. Here I will share them with you, so that you too can embrace those coveted, yet barely worn, rare unicorns lurking in the recesses of your wardrobe and your imagination.

1. commit

Whatever the special piece is, be it sparkly, feathery, furry or weirdly-structural, commit to the whole look. Don’t half-arse it by covering it up or wearing it in a way that down-plays its overall amazingness. Carefully balance it and create a clear statement with it. You’ll only pull it off if you’ve committed to the whole look.

2. criticism

Be prepared for attention, and maybe even criticism. The reason for the reluctance to wear it is probably that it is unusual or out-there. Haters gonna hate. But if you love it and you think you look fabulous in it and it embodies whatever style it is you want to inhabit on that occasion, it really doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks otherwise.

3. confidence

Once you’ve mastered items 1 and 2, you’ve got the confidence to go full-unicorn. And when it comes down to it, confidence is the key to pulling off the seemingly impossible: gold sequinned sweatpants at a BBQ. No one looks stupid if they’re comfortable in their own sequins.

At the end of the day, this is the beauty of fashion: the ability to take on different personas, to bring a bit of glamour or fun to any situation through what you wear. Own it, rock it, have fun with it, bedazzle it.

So if anyone comes across those gold sequinned sweatpants, drop me a line. In the meantime, I’ll be rocking the sparkle out of these Isabel Marant black sequinned leggings at the next one-year-old’s birthday party I attend (plenty of stretch in them for jumping in the bouncing-castle).

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Top: Gina Tricot; Leggings: Isabel Marant; Clutch: vintage; Shoes: Camilla and Marc

2 thoughts on “Sequins – Just Bloody Wear Them

  1. I love the article!!! I am an extremely bold dresser…. in my head….. but when I it comes to the crunch and the fact that lordofthemanor is conservative (albeit stylish too) with his dressing, I always end up option for the ‘safer’ option. I am going to endeavour to remember the 3 C’s going forward. Thank you xxx

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the read! Maybe plan a night out with your girl friends and wear something bold! Looking forward to seeing the results on your insta!!

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