Summer Office Apropos 2

Summer Office Apropos

Having lived most of my life in cooler climates (Melbourne, Dublin and London), I’m not as good at summer as I am at the transitional seasons. Don’t get me wrong. Summer is my all time favourite month. It’s the month when there are roof-top cocktails/shenanigans, sun-soaked picnics and people just seem to be better looking in general. But sartorially speaking, for me summer is a little bit tricky. First of all, I don’t like to spend too much on a wardrobe that I’ll only wear a couple of months out of the year (thank you, London) unless it will last the test of time. Second, summer office apropos is not as easy as it sounds…

During a recent “heatwave” in London, and thanks to the dodgy air-conditioning in the office, I found myself sweltering with nothing “office apropos” to wear. Now, to add some context here, I work on the “rock’n’roll” floor of my office (home to the legal, finance, tax and audit departments). The dress code is a little more corporate than on the sales and marketing floor, needless to say. So while I’d love to rock up on a hot day in a fabulous off-the shoulder confection of loveliness, it’s not going to happen in this financial year.

Summer Office Apropos 3

The challenge: to find something that is (a) not too revealing, but keeps me cool; (b) classic and therefore able to last me many years of summer joy to come; and (c) fabulous.

The solution is this little doozy of an outfit right here. I call it the “work safari suit”. It’s light, sharp and has summer written all over it. The skirt and top say, “Be very quiet, I’m hunting rhinos” and then the shoes and handbag say “But I’m also heading out for an aperol spritz afterwards. Coming with?” Altogether it says (over a 1980’s-style office intercom), “Karen, can you move that meeting to 4pm? I’ve got to be out of here by 4:30pm.”

Summer Office Apropos 1

Any tips for summer office apropos will be greatly appreciated – leave yours in the comments below!

Skirt and top: Scanlan Theodore (hurry, they’re on sale!); Shoes: By Malene Birger (previous season); Handbag: Chloe; Sunnies: Celine.

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  1. “Work safari suit” -That name is perfect and super cute, and so is this outfit for work appropriate attire.

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