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20 Australian Designers You Need to Know

Ten years ago, Australian designers did not register much on the world stage of fashion. Nowadays, Australian designers are taking on the fashion world and making a name for themselves among the very best.

Although I’ve lived in London for the last several years, so much of my wardrobe consists of pieces from Australian designers as I am continually drawn to their unique points of view, formed by a sun drenched environment, an outdoors lifestyle and an attitude that doesn’t take itself too seriously (but loves to add a little drama to an everyday frock).

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The Royal Mail Hotel – Dunkeld

Visitors to Australia typically arrive into Sydney, go to Bondi, climb the harbour bridge and take some selfies in front of the Opera House. Then they typically travel north to see all the wonders that Queensland has to offer. Some will go inland to Uluru and Alice Springs, but not many head south to discover Melbourne. And even fewer head into country Victoria from Melbourne. Which is why The Royal Mail Hotel at Dunkeld is a rare and precious little gem, sitting relatively undiscovered by the tourist hoards at the foot of the Grampian mountain range, just three hours drive from Melbourne. Continue reading “The Royal Mail Hotel – Dunkeld”

Christmas in Australia

Ten Things I Love About Christmas in Australia

Growing up in Australia is awesome. The outdoor lifestyle, the sunny positivity that prevails amongst easy going Aussies, Tim Tams.  But every young child in Australia reaches a stage where it starts to slowly dawn on them that, when it comes to Christmas in Australia, something just isn’t right.

We sit under the stars at Carols by Candlelight wearing shorts and a t-shirt, singing about “dashing through the snow.” No one really knows exactly what eggnog is. The butcher shop has sprayed fake snow on the windows to make it look “festive.” Dreaming of a white Christmas, will always be just that. A dream (shattered).

Every Australian’s first Christmas in Europe or the USA is a revelation. This is what Christmas is all about! That first “proper” Christmas is just like Christmas in the movies. And finally, you get it.

All the same, there are so many things I love about an Australian Christmas, ten of which I have listed below. Continue reading “Ten Things I Love About Christmas in Australia”

Melbourne Laneways

Melbourne, I Love You

Typical conversation in my adopted home of London:

Me: Hello. How are you?

Londoner: Hello, what part of Australia are you from?

Me: Melbourne.

Londoner: Really? I was in Australia once. I flew to Sydney, and then travelled all the way up the East Coast as far as Cairns. Beautiful country. I never went to Melbourne though….

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have had that conversation. I’d be getting around in a rather fancy pair of Gucci shoes by now, let me tell you.

Melbourne seems to miss a lot of the tourism that Sydney gets and that, my friends, is a crime! Melbourne is one seriously cool and sexy city.

Melbourne is known for its culture, live music, art, fashion, restaurants and (most importantly) coffee. There is too much to this vibrant city for me to cover in just one post, so lets just start with a wander around the City centre and through the Melbourne laneways labyrinth… Continue reading “Melbourne, I Love You”