Sweatpants 5

Sweatpants – A Renewed Love Affair

“You know the message you’re sending out to the world with these sweatpants? You’re telling the world, ‘I give up. I can’t compete in normal society. I’m miserable so I might as well be comfortable.” – Jerry Seinfeld to George Costanza.

About a year ago I fell off my bike and broke both my wrists. During the ensuing six weeks I pretty much lived in sweatpants. They were the only item of clothing I could easily get in to and out of unassisted. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like six weeks of sweatpants and not being able to wash properly to make you feel totally gross and pissed off with life. At the time, I swore off sweatpants – never to be worn again outside of an exercise-type scenario. Continue reading “Sweatpants – A Renewed Love Affair”

Summer Office Apropos 2

Summer Office Apropos

Having lived most of my life in cooler climates (Melbourne, Dublin and London), I’m not as good at summer as I am at the transitional seasons. Don’t get me wrong. Summer is my all time favourite month. It’s the month when there are roof-top cocktails/shenanigans, sun-soaked picnics and people just seem to be better looking in general. But sartorially speaking, for me summer is a little bit tricky. First of all, I don’t like to spend too much on a wardrobe that I’ll only wear a couple of months out of the year (thank you, London) unless it will last the test of time. Second, summer office apropos is not as easy as it sounds… Continue reading “Summer Office Apropos”

Gingham 1

Gingham – It’s Not Just for Tablecloths

It’s fair to say that gingham is pretty much everywhere this Spring. It has been clogging up my insta feed for the last couple of months in the form of ruffle shirts, ruffle skirts, off-the-shoulder tops, cropped trousers, ruffled trousers (there’s also a lot of ruffles around). But gingham, it’s clearly having a moment. Now, I tend to approach trends and prints with caution – they can be bad investments, date my look and risk fashion-victim status. So why gingham, when it is clearly the trend du moment? Continue reading “Gingham – It’s Not Just for Tablecloths”

Casual Friday 3

Casual Friday

When I was starting out in my career as a lawyer in a large Australian law firm, the dress code was uber-conservative. Suits. That was basically all you were allowed to wear. God knows how I managed to get dressed each morning without falling asleep. I got on board with it nevertheless, believing that a nicely tailored, navy pantsuit would be the key to my career success. I tried to mix it up a bit and add my own flair, but back then when it came to a strictly corporate dress code there was a limit to what fabulous shoes could do to an otherwise boring outfit. Surely Casual Friday would have been my chance to bridge the yawning (literally) chasm between my workplace-lawyer self and my real self… Continue reading “Casual Friday”

Colour Clash 3

Print – Colour Clash

If the last couple of runway seasons have taught me anything – and they have – its that we’ll all be eschewing our neutrals and monochromes for a kaleidoscope of colour and print explosions in 2017.

While its all well and good for the professionals to expertly layer clashing prints on clashing colours (I’m looking at you, Gucci) thereby creating outfits that reach all levels of phenomenal, is it possible for us mere monochrome-loving mortals to give it a proper go? Is it possible that I could put together a kaleidoscopic colour-print clash sensation without looking like Walt Disney just threw up all over me? Challenge accepted. Continue reading “Print – Colour Clash”

Sock Boots 7

Sock Boots

When my friend said to me, “I can’t find any boots that I can wear with cropped trousers, keep my ankles warm, are dressy enough to wear to work and don’t appear to cut my legs short,” I said, “Challenge accepted.” After a couple of days scouring the internet and my wardrobe, I found the solution: sock boots.

So while this post is primarily about sock boots (more on that below), it’s also about being overly-competitive. It got me thinking, “Why do I see the most standard of comments as some kind of personal challenge?” I put it down to my competitive nature, which comes from being the second of four sisters, all of us close in age. And as my thoughts ventured down this road, it all came flooding back to me… the first date swim challenge! Continue reading “Sock Boots”

Sleeves 1

Statement Sleeves – Free the Wrists

I’m back!! After six weeks in the cyber wilderness I’m finally back. I’ve “freed the wrists” from the splints that encased them during that time, and I’m celebrating with fabulous sleeves (more on that in a minute).

In the meantime, as some of you who follow my blog would know, I had a fall off my bike six weeks ago and broke both my wrists. This led to me spending the last few weeks under self-imposed house-arrest, with the occasional chaperoned visit into the outer world for a decent coffee, looking like a hobo in sweatpants (I couldn’t wash my hair).

On my triumphant return to the office recently, my kindly colleagues remarked how quickly those six weeks went. In response to this, I looked them square in the eyes, serious as a heart attack, and said in an eerily calm tone “No. No they didn’t pass quickly thanks Karen”

Needless to say, during these past six weeks I spent A LOT of time in my own company getting to know myself better than any therapy session could ever help me to do. Here are the three most profound things I have learned from all this:

Continue reading “Statement Sleeves – Free the Wrists”