Summer Wardrobe 1

My Complicated Relationship with my Summer Wardrobe

Now that London’s never-ending and brutal winter has come to an end, I have ceased questioning my life choices, only to find myself grappling with a new complication. I’ve written before about my challenges in dressing for summer. This time, I’m digging a little deeper. So deep, in fact, I’ve discovered and had to face some stark realties about an unhealthy relationship I have with my summer wardrobe. Continue reading “My Complicated Relationship with my Summer Wardrobe”

Baggy Trousers 1

Baggy Trousers – Going Large

Over the last twelve months or so we’ve seen jeans go from tried-and-true skinny to a looser and deconstructed look. Outerwear got in on the act and has taken on oversize and unexpected proportions. Over at Vetements,  puffer jackets, and shoulders more generally lost the run of themselves. Phoebe Philo’s Celine introduced oversized trousers and jackets this autumn winter, and they have now crept their way onto the high street. Bring on the baggy trousers. Continue reading “Baggy Trousers – Going Large”