Leopard Print

Ten Ways to Wear Leopard Print

Leopard print is everywhere in 2018. That Realisation Par midi-skirt that saturated our Instagram feeds this Summer triggered a leopard print invasion not only on social media but IRL too.

I have long embraced leopard print and made it a vital part of my wardrobe. Treating it as a neutral will do that. But in order to do so, I had to stop thinking of it as something only worn by older women with big hair who troll singles bars hitting on much younger men (not that there’s anything wrong with that). There’s way to wear it and then there’s ways to wear it.

Here are ten ways to wear leopard, and make it more flash and less trash. Continue reading “Ten Ways to Wear Leopard Print”

Palazzo Pants 3


For a while now I have this image of what I’ll be like when I’m much, much older and well into my retirement years. That version of future me just doesn’t give a dam what anyone thinks of her and dresses incredibly dramatically. This future me probably has a string of younger lovers, a glamorous jet set lifestyle and drinks champagne by the magnum. She’s holding court at a poolside cocktail party somewhere in the Caribbean, wearing an intensely ruffled silk blouse, strings of huge pearls and beads, massive sunglasses, fluffy feathered high heeled mule slippers and a silk turban-style headpiece encrusted with jewels. But best of all, she’s wearing it all with amazingly luxurious and billowy palazzo pants. And she looks palazzo-tastic. Continue reading “Palazzo-tastic”

Colour Clash 3

Print – Colour Clash

If the last couple of runway seasons have taught me anything – and they have – its that we’ll all be eschewing our neutrals and monochromes for a kaleidoscope of colour and print explosions in 2017.

While its all well and good for the professionals to expertly layer clashing prints on clashing colours (I’m looking at you, Gucci) thereby creating outfits that reach all levels of phenomenal, is it possible for us mere monochrome-loving mortals to give it a proper go? Is it possible that I could put together a kaleidoscopic colour-print clash sensation without looking like Walt Disney just threw up all over me? Challenge accepted. Continue reading “Print – Colour Clash”