Wedding Guest Outfit 6

Weddings Guests – Five tables you might find yourself at

As nuptial season approaches you may find yourself having to plan wedding guest outfits for the onslaught of festivities ahead of you. And while I’ve got mine sorted (see here), I got to thinking about the various weddings I’ve attended, and the various tables I’ve been placed at by the bride and groom. I noticed a pattern forming, and have narrowed them down to the five main types of tables. Not only that, I have come up with your social strategy should you be allocated a seat at any of them. Continue reading “Weddings Guests – Five tables you might find yourself at”

Gratitude 1

I Kept a Gratitude Journal – Here’s What Happened

If 2016 were shoes, they’d be crocs. And not worn in an ironic Christopher Kane kind of way as currently advocated by Vogue. No. 2016 was the kind of crocs that are worn by a fat, balding middle aged man, named something like “Murray”, down at the beach with a pair of yellow and aqua geometric patterned euro-shorts. And Murray’s a racist. That’s the kind of year 2016 was. Continue reading “I Kept a Gratitude Journal – Here’s What Happened”

Gingham 1

Gingham – It’s Not Just for Tablecloths

It’s fair to say that gingham is pretty much everywhere this Spring. It has been clogging up my insta feed for the last couple of months in the form of ruffle shirts, ruffle skirts, off-the-shoulder tops, cropped trousers, ruffled trousers (there’s also a lot of ruffles around). But gingham, it’s clearly having a moment. Now, I tend to approach trends and prints with caution – they can be bad investments, date my look and risk fashion-victim status. So why gingham, when it is clearly the trend du moment? Continue reading “Gingham – It’s Not Just for Tablecloths”

Sleeves 1

Statement Sleeves – Free the Wrists

I’m back!! After six weeks in the cyber wilderness I’m finally back. I’ve “freed the wrists” from the splints that encased them during that time, and I’m celebrating with fabulous sleeves (more on that in a minute).

In the meantime, as some of you who follow my blog would know, I had a fall off my bike six weeks ago and broke both my wrists. This led to me spending the last few weeks under self-imposed house-arrest, with the occasional chaperoned visit into the outer world for a decent coffee, looking like a hobo in sweatpants (I couldn’t wash my hair).

On my triumphant return to the office recently, my kindly colleagues remarked how quickly those six weeks went. In response to this, I looked them square in the eyes, serious as a heart attack, and said in an eerily calm tone “No. No they didn’t pass quickly thanks Karen”

Needless to say, during these past six weeks I spent A LOT of time in my own company getting to know myself better than any therapy session could ever help me to do. Here are the three most profound things I have learned from all this:

Continue reading “Statement Sleeves – Free the Wrists”