Tonal Blocking 2

Tonal Blocking

I’ve long been an adherent to tonal blocking (the art of dressing in different shades of the same colour), but the problem was that the “tone” I used to block was black (I know, I know, black isn’t really a tone). However, in recent years I’ve embraced colour, and with it, the joy of tonal blocking in a vision of pinks and mauves, burgundies and dusty rose, emeralds and khakis. Continue reading “Tonal Blocking”

Melbourne Shopping Guide

Melbourne Shopping Guide

If you’re in Australia and wanting to pick up some investment fashion pieces do not get distracted by the flashy glam of Sydney. No, no, no!

For the best Oz fashion fix, beeline straight to Melbourne. Best known for its affinity with black, true Melburnian style is a distinctive mix of intelligent design with a laid-back, resort aesthetic. Flex that AmEx, here’s a guide to the city’s best shopping districts.

For the full story head to Luxe City Guides here. Continue reading “Melbourne Shopping Guide”

Summer Office Apropos 2

Summer Office Apropos

Having lived most of my life in cooler climates (Melbourne, Dublin and London), I’m not as good at summer as I am at the transitional seasons. Don’t get me wrong. Summer is my all time favourite month. It’s the month when there are roof-top cocktails/shenanigans, sun-soaked picnics and people just seem to be better looking in general. But sartorially speaking, for me summer is a little bit tricky. First of all, I don’t like to spend too much on a wardrobe that I’ll only wear a couple of months out of the year (thank you, London) unless it will last the test of time. Second, summer office apropos is not as easy as it sounds… Continue reading “Summer Office Apropos”

Job Interview Outfit 4

Three Tips for Planning a Job Interview Outfit

How do I loathe job interviews? Let me count the ways. The stress of putting together the perfect job interview outfit is only part of it. There’s the cringe-inducing, blatant self-promotion (“I’m a real go-getter!”). The outright lies (“I’m passionate about financial software systems”). And how to genuinely answer the question “What are your weaknesses?” (“I just give and give and give to my job until there’s nothing left inside”).

We’ve all been there. Fortunately, the job interview process isn’t something that one has to go through too often. If it is, then I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you should look into why you’re getting fired so much.

To help you get through your interview without succumbing to self-loathing, here are my three top tips to make at least one part of the process less daunting: what to wear. Continue reading “Three Tips for Planning a Job Interview Outfit”

Sock Boots 7

Sock Boots

When my friend said to me, “I can’t find any boots that I can wear with cropped trousers, keep my ankles warm, are dressy enough to wear to work and don’t appear to cut my legs short,” I said, “Challenge accepted.” After a couple of days scouring the internet and my wardrobe, I found the solution: sock boots.

So while this post is primarily about sock boots (more on that below), it’s also about being overly-competitive. It got me thinking, “Why do I see the most standard of comments as some kind of personal challenge?” I put it down to my competitive nature, which comes from being the second of four sisters, all of us close in age. And as my thoughts ventured down this road, it all came flooding back to me… the first date swim challenge! Continue reading “Sock Boots”

Hoodie 1

Street Style – The Hoodie

Anna Wintour famously said she would never wear one, yet the hoodie has been popping up everywhere in street style coverage of late. Thanks to the directional pieces coming from Vetements and Autumn 2016’s street style trend, the humble hoodie has gone from gym-class topper to legitimate style staple. Whichever side you’re on, the hoodie is here and better than ever! Continue reading “Street Style – The Hoodie”

Off the Shoulder 1

Taking Off-the-Shoulder into Autumn

The off-the-shoulder look has been a pervasive one. It was first embraced and favoured by bloggers such as Nicole Warne and has gone from strength to strength. The style has appeared and sold-out on online retailers from Zara to Net-a-Porter. Rather than dying down, the off-the-shoulder style is going strong and looks set to stay with us for the foreseeable future.

So why is off-the-shoulder so popular, what style will suit you best and how can you take it into Autumn? Continue reading “Taking Off-the-Shoulder into Autumn”

Why Style is Important

Three Reasons Why Style Is Important at Work

One thing I’ve learned from a few years in the business world is that style is important. Theoretically, style shouldn’t be important in business at all. We should develop professionally and succeed based on our ability and job performance alone. But in reality, appearance does impact our work life to an extent. Why? Here’s three reasons for starters… Continue reading “Three Reasons Why Style Is Important at Work”