Suzanne Delahunty


Suzanne Delahunty is a personal stylist, writer and podcaster. She is also the London resident curator for Luxe City Guides.

Suzanne started her career as a media lawyer in television, marketing and digital media. Although she managed to steer her legal career into industries she loved, it was her love of fashion, style and putting an outfit together than led her to study personal fashion styling at the London College of Fashion.

Now, Suzanne provides personal styling services to private clients as well as consulting on personal style to corporate clients.

Suzanne’s passion for personal styling was born from a belief in the transformative power of style. It enhances confidence, improves perceptions and can lead to increased professional and personal opportunities.

In addition to her personal styling, Suzanne hosts and produces her podcast, Freedom Hunters. In it, Suzanne talks to inspiring people who have changed their career to follow a passion in life. It’s the podcast she wishes had existed when she first started to dream of leaving her legal career behind to embrace a career in fashion.

Suzanne also writes extensively about travel, starting from when she would put together itineraries for friends who were planning trips to cities she knew and loved. This led her sharing her little black book on her travels on Second Sister, and eventually to becoming the London resident curator for Luxe City Guides, where she shares her insider tips on the best dining, cocktail, shopping and beauty in London.