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The Blazer – Styling Tips for all Body Types

So all the while I have been focussing a lot on basics here on Second Sister, I suddenly  realised that I have shown so very little attention and love for the classic of all classics, the hardest-working item in your wardrobe, the blazer. How very remiss of me!

The blazer is the essential, timeless, go-to staple that can be styled for every occasion. If you don’t own one, then what the hell are you thinking?! Seriously!? Go out immediately (after reading my styling tips) and get one!

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What I love most about the blazer is its versatility. Worn with jeans, a white t-shirt and trainers, it lifts your weekend-casual from good to great. With a crisp button down shirt and cigarette-leg tuxedo-style trousers, you’ve got yourself a chic lady-boss situation going on right there. Layer a relaxed-tailored blazer over a floaty dress to give it that additional dimension of feminine elegance.

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To truly get the most out of your blazer, do a quick stocktake to ensure yours is doing your shape justice in the style department:

Larger bust

If you are ample of chest, avoid bulky, double-breasted style (obviously). Opt for a more open style. A blazer that doesn’t do up has a minimizing effect on larger chests. It creates a long line silhouette that lengthens the torso. Instead of buttons, choose a minimal closure on your blazer, if any at all.

athletic frame

For those of us with athletic frames, the feminine, slouchy style with movement in it creates a more feminine silhouette.


For petites, the trick is to find a blazer not too short (as you want something that elongates) but not too long (which can swamp your frame). Go for a tailored style that ends just below the bum.


Make the most of those curves, my friend! Any blazer belted at waist will do wonders for you. It accentuates your assets and looks so very chic.


If you are more pear-shape or if you have a bit of a belly you’d rather hide, opt for a sleek, tailored and structured tuxedo blazer which provides your frame with a sharp silhouette.

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OK, so now we are all agreed, you need at least one of these gems in your life. Any other styling tips for the blazer, leave them in the comments below!

Blazer: Camilla and Marc

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  1. I’m glad you addressed those busty girls (raising hand!). Blazer is one of those things I can never quite pull off without being unhappy.


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