Freelance Christmas Party 9

Christmas Party

The weather has turned frosty. The Christmas decorations were up in the shops weeks ago. And there’s sequins everywhere. I can feel it already: the tidal wave of Christmas parties, get togethers and drinks, headed straight for us. I do love a good drinks reception followed by karaoke. But this year, my first as a freelancer, what happens to the work Christmas party? And more importantly, what am I going to wear?

Freelance Christmas Party 2

This year, I’ve decided to organise a freelancers work Christmas party with another freelance friend to get together all the “work orphans” in our networks and celebrate a year well spent.

I figure this kind of work Christmas party will be slightly looser, a lot more relaxed and a bit boozier seeing as we are all our own bosses and there’s no one to really be on our best behaviour for.

Freelancing can feel a little like a solitary pursuit at times, especially for those who work from home for a large part of the week. I feel like the freelance work Christmas party will be a time when we can remind ourselves that we’re not alone at this time of year. We share the same experiences, fears and frustrations, as well as the freedom and fulfilment of a freelance career.

I also think that people who freelance all have such interesting stories to tell. It’s not easy to leave a stable full-time job to venture into the unknown of the freelance world. It takes a certain personality. All the freelancers I know have that little streak of independence and a tiny bit of craziness that I look for in friends and colleagues.

So here’s to a fabulous freelance work Christmas party. The next step: Christmas party outfit.

Last year, I came up with my 17 do’s and don’t’s for work Christmas Parties, one of which was to wear sequins. Lots of sequins. And at this time of year, shop windows are festooned with party outfits of the sparkliest, featheriest and metallic lurexiest varieties. And I love it. I have always advocated for sequins at any time of the day or year. So it brings joy to my soul to see everyone go hell for leather in the sequin department at this time of year.

This year, however, I am going with two different options. The first is the floral midi dress. The long sleeve, silky, satin-y versions are perfect for the Christmas party. Doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard, but also so impeccably elegant.

The second is the 1970s-inspired paisley jumpsuit. I feel like Charlie’s Angels when I wear it, and it gets so many compliments, that I actually start believing that I might actually look pretty darn good in it.

My picks this year are all from Finery London. Check them out:

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