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Cowboy Boots – The Ones That Got Away

This is a story of love and loss. It’s a story of cowboy boots and shattered dreams that has changed the way I live my life and how I shop. But this story also has a silver lining…

It started one sunny summer’s afternoon when I was visiting my hometown of Melbourne, Australia. There I was, mooching around the city, minding my own business, having a little squiz in the shops.

As I wandered down one of the cities ornate old arcades, I discovered a little vintage store. I don’t know why I went in, as I don’t have the vintage-shopping skill. Yet as I climbed up the rickety spiral staircase, I found the most divine collection of vintage cowboy boots.

And amongst this collection was the most beautiful cowboy boots I ever did see. All black and tan, with intricate designs stitched into the leather. The mid-calf length and perfect height Cuban heel meant that those boots were made for walkin. And don’t get me started on the price. They were a bargain.  And when I tried them on, well, it can only be described as a Cinderella moment.

You might be asking yourself, why haven’t I seen these magic boots featured in Suzanne’s Instagram feed? Well, that’s a very good question. The answer is that I hesitated. Yes, as I pondered the purchase, I got the guilts as I had just dropped an obscene amount of money on a Zimmermann skirt that morning, and I needed a couple of days to reflect.

After two days I couldn’t stop thinking about those incredible cowboy boots. I came to my senses, realised that I needed them to complete my life, and raced back to the vintage shop. Only to find that they were no longer there. And none of the other boots had quite the same “je ne sais quoi”

Three months later, I still think of those boots with love and longing. There are so many outfits which, when I’m putting them together, I think “those vintage cowboy boots would take this outfit from great to all levels of awesome.” They will forever be “the ones that got away.”

Which is why when I saw these Ganni cowboy beauties, and fell in instant infatuation, I couldn’t risk the heartache of missing out again. Knowing that Ganni items do sell out, I grabbed the credit card, placed the order and waited with baited breath for the delivery. And let me tell you, when I tried them on, they filled that cowboy boot shaped hole in my heart and in my wardrobe.

What I learned from this tale of love and loss is that if you have a genuine need for a particular piece, and you could probably stretch for the cost of that coveted item, don’t faff around. Don’t live your life thinking “what if I had that crystal encrusted belt/sequinned cape/what have you.” Just go for it. If the brand often sells out of its hero pieces, or if the style is one of a kind, or it’s in an obscure shop that you might not be able to return to easily, then don’t hesitate. You’ve gotta treat yo’ self there and then.

And if like me, there is that one little gem that you let slip through your shopping net, you can always console yourself in the knowledge that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

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