Faux fur 2

Faux Fur Fabulousness

I used to have this image faux fur coats which was based on my memory of 1980s movies. In those movies, the only characters who wore faux fur were New York prostitutes. Nowadays, however, the faux fur coat has become a chic addition to any wintery outfit. My closet space is taken up with a couple of faux fur and feathery fluff balls, and I’m mentally making space in there for more…

Faux fur 1

Real fur is slowly making its way away from the catwalks and sidewalks, sloping off into the night like an uninvited party guest. Big party hosts such as Gucci, Net-a-Porter and Giorgio Armani have all recently pledged to stop using real fur in their product lines. And with fur gradually becoming out-moded, the technological advances in synthetic fabrics have come along in leaps and bounds since the matted nylon examples of the past.

At the high end of the faux spectrum (Shrimps and Marco de Vincenzo), the likeness to the real thing is quite something. They’re all so cosy and fluffy and strokeable. And when I put mine on, I feel like a warm toasted marshmallow, wrapped up in a cinnamon bun.

And what’s more, for the faux fur of this season no colour is too bright, no rainbow stripe too cheerful and no fibre too fluffy. It’s like these coats have come to terms with the fact that they are somehow both dramatic and fun at the same time, and so have doubled down with a riot of gemstone tones and dramatic oversize silhouettes. Never has a coat been so at home with its own ostentation.

After much shopping around, stroking of faux and snuggling up, here are my top picks of this season’s faux fur coats, ready for you to shop:


Photos: @lucatravels