Freedom Hunters Episode 2: Chloe Roberts

Chloe Roberts Freedom Hunters

Episode 2 of Freedom Hunters is out! In this episode, I speak with one of the coolest people I know, Chloe Roberts.

Chloe is a music industry executive at First Access Entertainment, a company at the leading edge of music management and publishing, TV, film and tech development amongst other things. Her company has been behind the careers of huge names such as Jessie J, Zayn, Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora.

Not only is Chloe leading the way for women in music, she is also an inventor. A few years ago, whilst on maternity leave, Chloe developed and ultimately launched the hugely successful baby product, Lapbaby.

I talk to Chloe about how she got into the music industry, her style as an executive in a creative world and what advice she’d give to anyone wanting to get into the music industry. Chloe also shares what happened when she was presented with the opportunity to take her career in a whole new direction.

Since recording the interview, Chloe has started developing her own podcast, Corporate Buddha. In it, she’ll be talking to people about how they create work/life balance and how they bring their spirituality into the boardroom. You can follow her on Instagram @corporatebuddha.

I hope you will enjoy episode 2 of Freedom Hunters. On the first of every month (until I can do it more frequently) I’ll interview another inspiring guest who has changed their career and find out how they went about it. We’ll also talk about what’s happening in their chosen industry. And if you like the podcast, please don’t forget to subscribe, review and rate it to give the show a boost and help other people find it!

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