Freedom Hunters Liz Ward Slick Pivot

Today’s episode is an expert special where I interview Liz Ward, career pivot coach, founder of Slick Pivot, and speaker within the entrepreneurial community. Liz coaches entrepreneurs and professionals of all career backgrounds on transforming  – or making pivots in- their careers. And in this episode of Freedom Hunters she shares some truly practical advice for anyone who’s contemplating a change in their career but doesn’t know where to start.

But because this is Freedom Hunters, I talked to Liz about her own career. She started out her career in a very different way to what she is doing now. Before making that pivot to coaching, she worked in marketing and advertising for some of the biggest and well recognized brand names, including the Opening Ceremony Campaigns for the London 2012 Olympics. It was later when she experienced burnout in her marketing career that she realised she needed to make a pivot.

 Liz and I talk about what happens when you work in your zone of genius, what to do if you just don’t have a passion in life, and how making small changes might be all you need to create contentment in your career, or space to start planning a real change. Please enjoy this expert special.

Series 2 of freedom Hunters will start later in 2020, so keep an eye out for us here or on our Instagram @freedom_hunters_podcast.