Freedom Hunters Episode 9: Tash Sefton

Tash Sefton Freedom Hunters

Anyone with a passing interest in fashion will have heard of my latest podcast guest, Tash Sefton. She is one of Australia’s most successful fashion entrepreneurs.

Tash started out her career in fashion manufacturing, and moved into a business role, overseeing production, manufacturing and buying for one of Australia’s biggest streetwear brands, General Pants.

But it was when she started a blog called They All Hate Us with her friend and colleague, Elle Ferguson, that work and life changed for Tash. The runaway success of their website meant that she was able to leave her job behind and turn their website into a fully fledged fashion ecommerce business. From there she has gone on to co-host TV makeover show, Style Squad, create and sell her artwork with her sister Hayley, and provide style consulting to corporates and private clients.

With her huge following Tash has also been able to shine a light on causes close to her heart such as conscious consumerism and wildlife conservation.

I have followed Tash’s career over the years as she has emerged as one of Australia’s leading voices in fashion and business. Her style is fabulous, she is warm, charming and witty, but it’s her business mind and work ethic that make her truly inspiring.

Tash talked to me about her career journey, which includes one of the funniest job resignation stories I’ve ever heard. She also tells it how it is to be a fashion entrepreneur: the hard work and long hours that go on behind the glamour of the Instagram grid, and how her approach to social media has completely changed as her career has developed.

It was such a delight to interview Tash, and I really hope you’ll enjoy this episode.


2 thoughts on “Freedom Hunters Episode 9: Tash Sefton

  1. Tash is my cousin and she thinks I know everything about her. However after listening to this podcast I’ve learnt some things I didn’t even know! Great subject choice, she works hard and her evolution and desire to keep changing is inspiring.

    1. Hi Yolande, glad to hear you enjoyed the podcast. I completely agree with you. Tash’s work ethic and entrepreneurial mind was a real inspiration to me having learned more about her career!

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