Gingham 1

Gingham – It’s Not Just for Tablecloths

It’s fair to say that gingham is pretty much everywhere this Spring. It has been clogging up my insta feed for the last couple of months in the form of ruffle shirts, ruffle skirts, off-the-shoulder tops, cropped trousers, ruffled trousers (there’s also a lot of ruffles around). But gingham, it’s clearly having a moment. Now, I tend to approach trends and prints with caution – they can be bad investments, date my look and risk fashion-victim status. So why gingham, when it is clearly the trend du moment?

I would argue that gingham is an enduring classic which can be worn year in year out. It has come and gone enough times that I could anticipate wearing it again two or even three years from now.

It’s also quite a versatile little print. My test to determine whether a print might be versatile enough that I can consider it a neutral is to ask three questions:

  • Can I wear it with florals?
  • Can I wear it with animal print?
  • Can I wear it with stripes?

If you answer “yes” to most of the above, you can style it like you would a neutral (as I do with my beloved leopard print at the risk of looking like a slightly unhinged, lecherous old lady). If its a neutral and a classic you can consider it an enduring item worth holding on to long after it disappears from Instagram. Wear at your leisure.

Gingham 7

Here I’ve kept it pretty simple however with a white t-shirt, jeans jacket, plain heels and cats eye sunnies.

My thought process behind this particular gingham purchase was: “Summer’s coming. Hooray! Wait, no. I have nothing to wear, God dammit! [checks Instagram for inspiration] Gingham! BUT I don’t want to wear an outfit that will make me cringe when I look at photos of myself in years to come. I’ve been burnt before (wedge-heeled trainers, I’m looking at you)… Well, these Zara trousers right here are perfect because (1) they’re a classic style. Not a trend-led ruffle in sight; and (2) they’re long enough that they avoid that country-club-preppy-capri look, a look I would much rather avoid. Bunny Von Muffington can rest assured her gingham capri golfing outfits will be left well enough alone.”

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So, to sum it all up: gingham, get involved. It’s about so much more than tablecloths.

Trousers: Zara. T-Shirt: BA&SH. Jacket: H&M. Subglasses: Celine. Shoes: Mango. Bag: Chloe. Watch: Larsson & Jennings. Necklaces: Missoma London. Sunglasses: By Malene Birger.