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How to Wear Linen

Nothing says Summer like linen. As soon as you see it in the shop, you immediately picture yourself in it, lounging gracefully on a poolside chaise longue, spritz in hand, laughing delightfully at a joke you just made.

But it’s not all sunshine and spritzers when it comes to linen. It is notoriously difficult to wear. You only have to look at it sideways for it to crease. And no matter how much you iron or steam those creases, it will never return to its pristine, just-off-the-rack condition ever, ever again. Is it even possible to wear it without creasing? This is the existential dilemma so many of my personal styling clients struggle with on a seasonal basis: the desire to breeze around [insert glamorous beachside destination of choice here] in a floaty, carefree linen outfit v. the reality of creases…

Before we consider that question, though, lets remember the good things about linen.


Linen is a remarkable fabric for so many reasons:

  • linen is made from flax, and uses the entire flax plant, meaning little to no waste;
  • flax grows naturally and requires less water and fewer pesticides than cotton, making it a more eco-friendly fabric;
  • the manufacture of linen requires relatively little water;
  • flax is a natural fibre, so linen is recyclable and biodegradable;
  • linen lasts longer than other fabrics;
  • linen is made of larger fibres, so it’s a very open fabric which disperses and releases heat, thus reducing the surface temperature of your skin. The perfect summer fabric.

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How to avoid creases?

You can’t. It’s inherent in the fabric itself and nothing can really stop it from creasing when you wear it, unless you stand all day, without moving your arms. How I have dealt with this is to embrace the casual elegance and fluidity of the fabric. As linen is such a natural fabric, it is full of character and charm, and the creases are a part of this.

This tendency to crease makes it perfect for resort wear. On holidays, you’re relaxed, you’re swanning from pool to restaurant to beach. You don’t need to look all tailored and sharp. So just go with it.

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tips for wearing linen

  • The thicker the linen the less pronounced the creasing. Look for those thicker linens, in designs with a longer line to them (like long blazers) for a less wrinkle-prone look. The cream linen top with bow sleeves (pictured above) is a very good quality thicker linen and did not crease as much as my other pieces.
  • Linen will crease at the elbows. A styling trick I always use is to roll up the sleeves, even with linen blazers. It disguises the wrinkles in the fabric to an extent.
  • Linen trousers are going to wrinkle at the groin and behind the knees. Choose darker fabrics which don’t show up the creases as much.
  • Belting linen pieces adds structure and flatters the fluidity of the fabric.
  • Wear linen with other natural fibres like denim, leather and cotton.
  • Linen is worn at its best when you enhance its natural elements. Go for linens in earthy tones this summer – ochre, sand, mustard, beige, camel, burnt orange…

For help planning your summer holiday wardrobe, find out more about my personal styling services here.

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Outfit details: mustard shirt: Uniqlo; cream blouse: Zara; black dress: Lurdes Bergada; necklace: Missoma; espadrilles: Castaner

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    1. I am mot sure if it came to Australia. I got it in London a few weeks ago. Keep an eye out in Australia perhaps when Zara brings in its pre-spring collections later in the year…

  1. Love this article…and some great tips on how not to look like a sack of spuds . Can I ask where your straw bag is from. I’m desperate to find one that doesn’t make me look like I’ve just walked off the beach and yours is perfect!

    1. Hi Marcia, I have found it to be the perfect city and beach basket. It’s from Zara!

      1. Thank you! I must have missed it in Zara… I’ll keep looking… it’s beautiful

      2. Yes, keep an eye out for it in case they bring it back. I got it only a few weeks ago.

  2. I loved hearing about how Linen is a good choice for the enviro! I did not know that and it will def influence my next purchase. Thanks

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