New Years Day 2

New Year’s Day – the new New Year’s Eve

As the end of the year draws near I usually start to reflect on what I’ve achieved, what could have gone better, and what the hell am I going to do for New Year’s Eve. I’ve never planned my New Year’s Eve festivities much in advance. So I usually end up deciding last minute to head to a party, which varies in quality from year to year, as does my party outfit. And while I have had some pretty amazing New Year’s Eve parties in my life, on many occasions the pressure to have the best night ever takes a lot of the spontaneous fun out of the whole affair.

With all this lack of organisation on my part, the pressure to have the most incredible night ever and my less than dazzling party outfits, my focus at the end of the last couple of years has moved from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day.

New Years Day 3New Years Day

Close your eyes and let me take you on a visual and emotional journey. You wake up on New Year’s Day with a mild to no hangover. You think back over the previous nights New Year’s Eve party and feel ever so slightly smug that you were the most perfectly dignified, charming and witty party guest. No regrets and no need to apologise to anyone for any inappropriate or lewd behaviour. The new year lies ahead of you, full of the most exciting opportunities. Just luxuriate in this feeling for a moment. It’s quite refreshing.

Next, because you are hangover-free, you get up, put on something warm and cosy, consisting of a quality cable sweater, your good jeans and hiking boots or wellies and your warmest anorak style coat (in Australia, obviously you put on something less toasty, more beachy and billowy). You meet up with your friends on Hampstead Heath (or similarly beautiful part of nature) and hike up to the most beautiful point giving the most breathtaking vistas of the city/ocean/nature’s beauty.

Here, looking out at that magical view, you contemplate the new year ahead, new beginnings and fresh starts. You are struck with the most incredibly profound insights into the meaning of your existence and what needs to be done this new year. And I’m not just talking about the need to go to the gym three times a week, and starting to introduce more quinoa into your diet. No, I’m talking about life-changing revelations that will take your trajectory into a whole new stratosphere of awesomeness. Career changes, relationship reinvigoration, a new pet. The sky is the limit for you this new year and you’re going to conquer the world, my friend!

New Years Day 2New Years Day 8

With this new found sense of purpose and wellbeing practically radiating out of every orifice, you and your friends hike back to a cosy pub for the most delicious fireside roast lunch, red wines and you hold court with your witty new insights and helpful advice to your hungover friends.

Ok, visual journey over, open your eyes now and think long and hard. What are you going to do this New Year’s? Go to a party and get a hangover and waste NYD in bed feeling like hell? Or focus on an epic New Year’s Day and world domination?

New Years Day 5New Years Day 4

Jumper: Ella Sanders; Boots: Timberland; Jeans: Filippa K; Coat: previous season Zadig et Voltaire (similar here)