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For a while now I have this image of what I’ll be like when I’m much, much older and well into my retirement years. That version of future me just doesn’t give a dam what anyone thinks of her and dresses incredibly dramatically. This future me probably has a string of younger lovers, a glamorous jet set lifestyle and drinks champagne by the magnum. She’s holding court at a poolside cocktail party somewhere in the Caribbean, wearing an intensely ruffled silk blouse, strings of huge pearls and beads, massive sunglasses, fluffy feathered high heeled mule slippers and a silk turban-style headpiece encrusted with jewels. But best of all, she’s wearing it all with amazingly luxurious and billowy palazzo pants. And she looks palazzo-tastic.

Palazzos are all drama and glamour with a hint of fun. When palazzos turn up to the party, they bring champagne and start a drinking game (possibly involving Twister).

Now, palazzo pants should not be confused with the culotte, the flares, the pyjama style, the gauchos or any other inferior trouser style. Palazzos are the queen of pants: elegantly long line, fabulously voluminous, high-waisted and made of the most heavenly silky fabric that flutters like goddam sails in the wind behind you when you walk.

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While future-me is quite at home with her palazzo-fabulous, I’m currently more focussed on my endless pursuit of devising outfits I can wear to work and beyond (“beyond” usually consisting of a cocktail bar, most likely in Soho) that don’t bore me to death.

This week, that relentless search for sartorial inspiration led me to this outfit. I can only describe it as “business up top, palazzo party in the pants.” Probably more at home at a meeting with PR execs than with HR execs, it is business apropos nonetheless.

Palazzo Pants 1

I always treat leopard as a neutral. So stripes and checks will be quite at home, sitting atop a riot of leopard print silk. But to prevent the palazzo party ending up Peter Sellers style, the conservative blazer/button down combo down strikes the right balance.

Come summer, these little leopard doozies will be teamed with a slinky black silk camisole and strappy heels and I’ll be doing my best impersonation of future fabulous me (possibly with the jewel encrusted turban headpiece, and most likely with the accompanying champagne habit).

Palazzo Pants 2

You can shop the look here (shirt and blazer are previous season, so I’ve included similar options):

Photos: @lucatravels

3 thoughts on “Palazzo-tastic

  1. I have this seasons’ beautifully cut Sass & Bide Palazzo in navy..luv luv them.
    And I too envision myself in billowy Pucci print Palazzos, martini in hand, by the pool in a modernist home next door to Sinatra’s showcaser in my old age day dreaming 😉

  2. Got to love a palazzo babe !
    I’ve actually got a pair from 15 years ago ,along with various others , print and plain , just couldn’t bear to part with them , crepe flowing black beauties , classic.

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