Paper Bag Waist-3

For Your Consideration – The Paper Bag Waist

In my never ending quest to find the perfect trousers that will transform my life and revolutionise style as I know it, I have stumbled across the paper bag waist.

Over the course of my trouser-quest, I found some pretty fabulous black trousers, penned a love letter to my favourite pair of jeans, celebrated the baggy trouser, and went full sequin. And yet something was missing. Something that takes khaki trousers from “meh” to all levels of epic.

It was the paper bag waist. It started with a paper bag sighting on Instgram, where all good purchases seem to start these days. From there, it led me into By Malene Birger, the origin of many a piece in my wardrobe.

What I discovered was the magic ability of the paper bag waist to cinch and (apparently) slim the waist. This is thanks to the illusion created by the gathering above the belt and the ballooning of the full-leg below.

So my plan this summer is to get into these babies, roll up the cuffs, team with slides and a close-fitting vest top. Sun hat and basket optional. In the meantime, the paper bag can be taken to work, thanks to the tonal button down shirt and mules.

For anyone with a similar penchant for pants, I recommend the paper bag waist mostly because you’ll get a lot of compliments on them. And we can always do with a little ego boost now and then, don’t you think?

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Trousers: By Malene Birger; Shirt: Uniqlo; Mules: ATP Atelier