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My Search for the Perfect Black Trousers

I’ve been searching for the perfect black trousers for years now. They exist in my mind, yet I have found them to be the most elusive item of clothing. Seriously, how hard can it be?

The perfect black trousers of my imagination are perfectly tailored, sharp and straight-legged with a mid-rise waist, pockets and belt loops (natch). They are the perfect length that makes my legs look Naomi Campbell-esque in their proportions. They’re made of a magical fabric that I can’t actually name, but it has the exactly right amount of flowiness and stiffness so that they work for any occasion from the office to the street to a dinner date. Surely it’s not too much to ask for?

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In this endless pursuit, I’ve bought more pairs of black trousers than I care to count. And while each of them have been wonderful in their own way, worn day in day out, I still feel like that perfect pair still eludes me.

In frustration, I’ve ventured to more colourful options in the trousers department, and to differing styles and lengths. But I keep coming back to black trousers. They are one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. They go with every blazer, every shirt, every t-shirt, every going-out top you can rummage up. And they blend in seamlessly with any occasion with a simple variation of footwear. Trainers? No problem, you’ve got yourself a brunch outfit right there (just add t-shirt and denim jacket). Heels? Of course, just strut on into the office with any blazer you can find. Flats? They’ll take you anywhere with a pair of black trousers.

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My ongoing search for these mystical black trousers of my dreams has led me to this unique pair from up-and-coming Melbourne designer, Arnsdorf. What appealed to me about them is, first of all, the structural shape. But the fabric also had me at “can I try these on please”? The stiffness of the fabric means they keep their striking shape, but they are supremely comfy at the same time. The high waist is also a genius touch, as it manages to disguise all manner of over-eating since their purchase on my last venture home to Melbs.

Overall, I’d describe them as something I’d also wear in an alternative universe where I’m a gaucho who’s become tired of life on the land, and decides to transition my horse skills into a clowning career. Either way, I love them. They’re my new go-to black trousers as I continue my endless pursuit of the imposibly perfect classic tailored black trousers.

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Trousers: Arnsdorf; Slides (previous season): Filippa K; Top (previous season): Gina Tricot; Sunglasses: Celine; Bag: Chloe; Earrings: Anissa Kermiche