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Skin Care and Beauty

I’m no beauty blogger, but I have been asked a few times about my skin care and beauty routine and the products I use. So I decided to take you straight to the source of my beauty routine, products and treatments, and interviewed my gorgeous skin care therapist of the last five years or so, Katharine MacKenzie Paterson. Katharine started her own beauty business, KMP Skin, about four years ago and provides treatments from her beauty and skin care rooms in Mayfair.

If you missed it, I filmed Katharine answering a few questions that were sent in to me by my Instagram friends and posted it on my Insta Stories (also pinned to my Instagram highlights @suzannedelahunty). Here, I’ll share with you the beauty products I use day to day, the skin care treatment I get from Katharine each month, as well as a few extra beauty tips from the beautician herself.


At home, my daily routine is fairly straight forward: cleanse, tone, moisturise, SPF. About once a week I also apply a face mask depending on what my skin needs at the time. I have long been a fan of Carita products. They are pricey but they last a long time and suit my skin (which is generally quite oily) perfectly:


I use the IS Clinical cleansing complex, which is a foaming cleanser but doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry, due to its ph balance.


For toning, I love the Carita Lagoon Water. It’s light and has a fresh fragrance.


I use a serum under my moisturiser every day. The best for me is the Genesis of Youth serum which really seems to get the most out of moisturiser. Serums are great for penetrating deeper into the skin than moisturisers alone. I change my moisturiser from time to time, although I always tend to stick with Carita. At the moment, I’m using the Carita after-sun progressif cream as a moisturiser. Its restorative properties make it a great moisturiser in the winter months as well as the summer.


Its only in the last year or so that I’ve started wearing SPF on a daily basis. If I could make a time machine, I would surely go back to my 15 year old self and order her to wear sunscreen everyday. The sun damage is real. The best sunblock for the face is the Epionce Ultra Shield SPF 50. It’s light, non-greasy and not sticky like a lot of sun blocks tend to be.

face masks

Whenever I fly, I use the Carita Lagoon Bath Hydration Mask. It restores all the moisture lost on the flight. I put it on the first night after flying and sleep with it on.

Every couple of weeks I apply the Carita Biological Mask. My skin always feels amazing afterwards, and I really notice the radiance it gives (particularly if I follow it up with a moisturising mask).

I’ve only just started using the Carita Progessif Neomorphose mask, which exfoliates and hydrates. So far, I have found it to have a similar hydrating effect as the Lagoon Bath mask, but my skin definitely feels smoother after using it, too.

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I go to visit Katharine every month for a Carita booster facial. The treatment varies from month to month and season to season, depending on whats happening with my skin. Katharine is a genius at analysing what’s going on and what needs to be focussed on each time. The basic elements of my facials can include:


Like a workout for the face, Katharine works all the muscles to keep them toned. Apart from anything else, it feels amazing!

the gloves!

Katharine uses gloves with silver thread which conducts a vibrational micro-current. As she runs them over the face, they lift and firm the skin. Its like having an intensive workout for the face.


LED face masks use colour light therapy (no UV) in specific wavelengths to boost collagen and heal. I generally find my skin to be in particularly good shape after using the red for collagen boost.


For extra lifting and toning in targeted areas, Katharine uses the pens. The micro-current is a little stronger and much more focused and concentrated, but the results are better in problem areas (eyes, nasal labial areas etc). It doesn’t hurt at all, but does feel a little peculiar the first few times.

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beauty tips from the beautician herself

I asked Katharine a few questions that I was most curious about, and found a lot of useful tips in her answers.

q. what are your tips for skincare for twenties, thirties and forties and beyond?

KMP: At 20 years old, I would say it’s all about getting into good habits with your skin care. Use sunscreen. EVERYDAY! Your skin will only thank you for it later. Personally I prefer to use a separate sunscreen, generally a dermatological formulation. They tend to be ‘cleaner’ in terms of what’s in them, also great if you’re still suffering with active skin, as they they shouldn’t clog pores up too much. I love Epionce SPF’s as they’re light, and mineral oil free.

At 30, investing in a good Vitamin C serum is key. I am a MASSIVE fan of Vitamin C, especially for anyone who works and lives in cities. It’s a great antioxidant, which means that it helps to fight the damage free radicals, like UV and car pollution, do to our skins. It also helps to really brighten skin, and for anyone who has a sensitive skin, Vitamin C is a good active ingredient to start off with. It’s rare for me to see skin reactions after using it. I love iS clinical Pro Heal Vitamin C serum, and use it every morning.

At 40, skin turnover is starting to slow, and this can also be the time that pigmentation starts to rise to the skins surface from past sun damage. This is the time to start incorporating a retinol into the skin. Vitamin A comes in many different forms, but the key is to start off gently! Vitamin A is a very active molecule and you will react to it if you start off with too high a percentage. Use less than 1% and start off using it a couple of times a week. I only really recommend using Vitamin A at night, and you must be extra vigilant with sun exposure when you’re using a Vit A product.

At 50, you will notice the density of your skin starting to change, and also it can feel so much drier, as your skin turnover slows down. Switching to moisturising creams which are richer, will help to feed your skin more at this point. Epionce creams are high in lipids and ceramides, which is giving your skin all the fats and oils it’s craving for a healthy skin function. Also exfoliating more often, with a gentle scrub helps to slough away dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking brighter and more youthful.

Q. what are your top beauty hacks?

KMP: Double cleanse at night
Especially if you live in a city… the first cleanse is going to be removing all the superficial dirt and pollutants, along with your make up. The second cleanse will really get into your pores. I love using more of a balm cleanser for a first cleanse. iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser is really sumptuous and has high levels of Manuka homey extract in it, so it’s really anti bacterial and anti inflammatory. I then like to use a foaming cleanser afterwards. This is a personal preference. I like to use water to clean my face.

Clean your phone often!

Might seem bizarre, but I try to regularly clean my phone with an antibacterial wipe. We touch our phones all day now, then likely put our hands to our face, and if you make calls, you’re holding a flat glass screen up to your face these days with no barrier. Using a wipe will make sure old make up and bacteria is wiped from the screen.

Use a tinted SPF 

If you want to save time (and a layer of product) on your skin, why don’t you try a tinted SPF. If you want something that gives you more of a soft focus effect, Epionce Tinted SPF 50 is great for evening out the skin tone, whilst not compromising on external and internal UV protectant. For something with a bit more coverage, Heliocare tinted SPF comes in a light and dark tan tone. If you feel nervous about forgoing base whilst on holiday and down at the beach, these are also great, effective options too.

Get sexy lived in eyeliner 

So the French will always tell you that a blow dry and black eyeliner always looks better the morning after. I agree with both of these, but to get the eyeliner look without having to leave your eye make up on, apply kohl eyeliner to the top of your eyelid and in the bottom waterline of your eye, and then squeeze your eyes shut a few times and really gently rub the tops of your lashes. That kind of diffuses and pushes the product into your eyelid for a ‘morning after’ look.

Stop your nail polish staining your cuticles 

This works for both application and removal of polish. Apply vaseline to the cuticles and around the nail bed to stop dark polishes staining so much when you remove. Doing this before you paint also stops the polish from flooding the cuticle. Just be careful not to get the vaseline onto the nail bed though, as it will stop the nail polish for adhering to the nail.

Q. how do you stay on top of the latest developments in beauty and skincare?

KMP: We are so lucky as information is so accessible these days, there can even be too much! Basically, I read a lot!

I love print. In addition to reading print copies of the big publications, I’m a great fan of the weekend supplements in the papers, and avidly read Style and Stella from The Times and The Telegraph. I also love free publications, and always try to grab Stylist, or the ES Magazine.

Social media really has become a vital tool for accessing information easily and instantly. As much as it can have it’s detrimental side, it really has changed the game for beauty and how professionals and brands can engage with the public to talk and share. I particularly love Instagram as all of the magazines, editors, influencers and brands I love to engage with and follow are all in one base. I swipe up/click through when scrolling through my feed with articles I’m interested in on there. Instantly accessible information!

I also love that social media also facilitates a mechanism where people can ask me questions and for advice, I really enjoy answering peoples questions, and it’s incredibly interesting to see how new brands, such as Glossier have been created through social media. I love how Emily Weiss stated up glossier asking people what their perfect cleanser would be. There’s nothing more exciting than finally having the people rather than the brand telling you what they want from a product!

Then there’s the professional side of things. I read professional journals, go to conventions, and seminars as often as I can. Here, I can listen to specific professionals talking about specific subjects and also this is a good chance to see what other brands I don’t work with closely are coming up with. I am really lucky to have a close relationship with all of the brands I work with, and they are all great at providing information, education and innovating. This is actually something that is really important to me if I’m looking at working with a brand too. If the support isn’t there, it can break the decision for me to work with that brand.

All products mentioned above are available from KMP Skin.