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Statement Sleeves – Free the Wrists

I’m back!! After six weeks in the cyber wilderness I’m finally back. I’ve “freed the wrists” from the splints that encased them during that time, and I’m celebrating with fabulous sleeves (more on that in a minute).

In the meantime, as some of you who follow my blog would know, I had a fall off my bike six weeks ago and broke both my wrists. This led to me spending the last few weeks under self-imposed house-arrest, with the occasional chaperoned visit into the outer world for a decent coffee, looking like a hobo in sweatpants (I couldn’t wash my hair).

On my triumphant return to the office recently, my kindly colleagues remarked how quickly those six weeks went. In response to this, I looked them square in the eyes, serious as a heart attack, and said in an eerily calm tone “No. No they didn’t pass quickly thanks Karen”

Needless to say, during these past six weeks I spent A LOT of time in my own company getting to know myself better than any therapy session could ever help me to do. Here are the three most profound things I have learned from all this:

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1. I don’t need a sequinned-striped bomber jacket

It will be no surprise to you that I love shopping. I would count it as a “hobby” and put it on my CV under “interests”. So being temporarily incapacitated, I had to take my hobby online where it could run rampant and without check. Hours of online shopping without another living soul around to wait outside the fitting room with that tell-tale, barely-perceptible flinch when one of my sartorial choices fails to hit the mark (I’m excellent at recognising that flinch – it means “step back and slowly put the top back on the hanger”).

The online shopping over the last six weeks was wonderful, but dangerous. I came this close (picture me holding my thumb and forefinger menacingly close to one another) to purchasing a ridiculously unnecessary, very expensive sequinned-striped bomber jacket. What stopped me? My sweatpants. They are a real leveller. They reminded me to get a grip and hold off on making major purchases until I was back in the real world, not this warped parallel universe where sequins + bomber jacket + stripes = legitimate investment piece (they don’t).

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2.  I am not the Queen

My friends and colleagues were all incredibly empathetic and kind to me while I was temporarily incapacitated. They cooked for me, fetched groceries for me, did my laundry, opened doors, carried my things everywhere for me. I got taxis everywhere. I got my hair blow dried on the regular.

I now can do most things for myself again. I’m not the Queen. I have to go back to carrying things for myself and doing my own hair, like a pleb. It’s very humbling. Sleeves 4

3.  Keep athleisure for the gym

While sweatpants are having a moment right now and make up an integral part of the continuing athleisure trend, which I love, I now associate them with inactivity. Now that my wrists are back and I’m up and about, I vow to work off all those Deliveroo deliveries and get back to normal. I vow that from now on sweats are for sweating in only (and maybe pre-workout coffee dates with friends). I’ll be looking like Elle McPherson in no time (JK, JK).

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So here I am, celebrating the “freeing of the wrists” with fabulous sleeves. Anyone who (like me) spent hours pouring over the street style of fashion month just gone could not have missed the gorgeously flounced, ruffled, architecturally structured and just plain fabulous sleeves on shirts everywhere. So yes, I may have been going stir-crazy, but I made at least one very well-thought-through and enduring purchase during the last few weeks!Sleeves 6

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Sleeves 8Shirt: Storets, Jeans: Anine Bing, Earring: By Malene Birger, Bag: Chloe, Shoes: Mango

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    1. Hi Tasha, thanks for stopping by and glad you like the sleeves story – its one that everyone can adopt as it suits all!

  1. Brilliant comment about the real world and investment pieces. Thank you! I have a $900 credit that’s eating a hole in my stylish cyber wardrobe. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of replacing it with the piece “dujour,” not something I’ll be glad I purchased this time next year. Brenda

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