Spring Dress 2

A Guide to Shopping for the Perfect Spring Dress

It’s at this time of year when my thoughts optimistically leap forward in time, only by a few months mind you, to a more cheerful time. A happier time. A time when I can start liking my clothes again. It’s called spring.

It’s also at this time of year that the shops are replete with the prettiest, dreamiest spring dresses. So even though it is arctic outside, I can live out my fantasies of al fresco brunching, eating ice cream with friends and picnicking with abandon, at least in the shops.

A good spring dress is one that is multi-functional, thereby giving you far more joy-per-wear, while reducing your cost-per-wear. Here’s my guide to buying the perfect spring dress.

Spring Dress


A good spring dress will be able to last you from around (Northern Hemisphere) April right through until about October/November, give or take.

And to achieve this, the dress needs to be a style that you can layer, either overtly or covertly. Overt layering is where you can add a crisp white shirt, or a thin merino-knit roll neck underneath, tights and boots (ranging from ankle length right through to over-the knee). My guide to layering can be read here.

Covert layering involves my favourite secret weapon against the cold: Uniqlo’s heat tech heat-retaining super-thin inner wear. Its so thin, no one will know you’re packing that kind of toasty heat. Take the dress I’m pictured in here. On colder days, I’ll have a long-sleeved heat tech tshirt and heat tech leggings underneath, combined with knee high boots. And let me tell you, I’ll be feeling as snug as a little bug on colder days come autumn.


A dress that can take you to more places is worth investing in. For coffee dates and running errands, the spring dress should be able to be worn with trainers. But add high-heel Mary-Janes, and that dress will take you to all kinds of fancy places.


I know what you’re thinking – “ground breaking.” But hear me out. If you can’t wear a floral dress in the springtime, then when can you?

And it doesn’t matter what style of floral it is – a fine print (pictured) or one with huge blooms exploding all over the place. Springtime is the time to go a little nuts in the floral department.

Spring Dress 3


Living in London, my spring dress needs to be realistic. We don’t get prolonged periods of beautiful hot weather. Most of spring can be pretty chilly, much to my disgust. And who knows when autumn will arrive. It could be any moment!

So my spring dress needs to face that reality full on and provide a little bit of warmth and coverage so that I can enjoy those al fresco brunch situations without having to wear a jacket over it.

Summer is the time for more flimsy and revealing creations, but that’s a post for a far happier time. Until then, I’ll be flitting around town in this beauty from Finery (who by the way, specialise in these kinds of fabulous, floaty spring dresses). Similar dress here. I also love this one.

Spring Dress 4