Spring Trench 1

The Spring Trench

Just when I thought the most hideous winter in the history of the world would never end, I’m starting to feel renewed hope and faith in the universe. And where is this new-found positivity coming from? From the first sightings of trench coats around the city. And like the stylish denizens of London town in their Spring trenches, I am now starting to transition from my level 3 coat down to my level 1 coat. Let me explain…

I have three levels of coats ranging from Level 3 to Level 1.

the level 3 coat

The Level 3 coat, is the “Oh my God, it’s so frigging cold I don’t want to go out, but I have to” coat. Generally, it is duvet-like in puffiness, or 1970’s pimp-like in its massive faux-furriness. Needless to say, this is the one I have been wearing the most this winter – from the ski resorts of France to the mean streets of Soho.

Tonal Blocking 5

The Level 2 Coat

The Level 2 coat is far more user-friendly. It’s usually a wool coat that is warm enough to keep you nice and toasty, but not too voluminous. So you can layer under it, belt it and feel fabulous.

Winter Style 2

the level 1 coat

Finally, we have the Level 1 coat. It generally comes out in the Spring, and again as the leaves start to turn orange around October. It’s light-weight, generally in lighter hues, and at this time of year, brings a spring to my step and a general feeling of gleeful anticipation.

Spring Trench 3Spring Trench 2

The trench is the perfect Level 1 coat, and there are some gorgeous examples of it this season. Designers are playing with textures, proportions and colours in the trench arena so that it is no longer standard in its uniformity. From oversize to de-constructed versions, and organza, vinyl, shredded hems and multi-hhued versions, the trench is becoming almost whimsical in the playfulness of its design.

I bought this magical JW Anderson x Uniqlo trench last year (similar one here), however, here are my picks of this seasons Spring trench coats:

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