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Nine Styling Hacks to Revamp your Outfits

Sometimes all you need is a few strategic styling hacks to reinvigorate your enthusiasm for putting your outfits together. They cost nothing, but can totally transform your day to day style.

Here are nine styling hacks that I regularly use for myself and with my personal styling clients. Bookmark this page and refer back when in need of a little styling inspo.

1. Ruche up your blazer or coat sleeves

The perfect way to relax an otherwise corporate or conservative look is to roll ’em up, Miami Vice-style. If you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath, have the cuffs peaking out to add some contrast and interest.

Style Hacks 3

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2. Roll up your jeans

This works well on straight and wide leg jeans: roll up the cuffs of your jeans to create a more casual feel. Do not fear the cropped style that results. Cropped jeans are actually very flattering on pretty much everyone. My favourite way to co-ordinate with the roll-up is with a fabulous pair of shoes.

Roll Up Jeans

3. The blazer/coat shrug

Wearing your blazer or coat slung casually across the shoulders leaving your arms out of the sleeves. Instant glam factor. Looks especially fabulous when worn with sunglasses and statement earrings.

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4. the tuck

I’ve written a whole post about the different ways you can tuck your top in and create a whole new look. From the French tuck, to the half tuck and the cross-over, check them all out here.

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5. belt your blazer or coat

For a polished look, belt your blazer or coat. Try belting your blazer with a thinner, embellished belt. And for coats, wide belts work better to balance proportions.

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6. belt over sweater

If you have a defined or even semi-defined waist, a belt over your sweater is always a good idea. It just makes your usual sweater-jeans or sweater-skirt combo that little bit more interesting.

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7. dress over jeans/trousers

Not always easy to pull off, but I urge you to have a play around with what you have in your wardrobe. By wearing a dress over jeans (and even layering over a polo neck), you can extend the life of your summer dresses well into winter.

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8. the jumper drape

Perfect for in-between seasons as well as the dark heart of winter. Take two knitted jumpers. Put one on. Drape the other artfully around your neck. Use two jumpers of the same colour for best effect. Otherwise, try jumpers that blend tonally.

Double Jumper

Double Jumper 2

9. coat over blazer

Wearing a coat over your blazer has a fabulous urban look to it. But it works best when you’ve invested in an oversize coat that actually fits smoothly over your blazer. If it doesn’t try the coat shrug from point 3 above.

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For more information about my personal styling services, read about them here.

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