Summer City Style 4

Summer Style in the City

Despite having grown up in in the warm and sunny climes of Australia (well, Melbourne), I tend to struggle when it comes to summer city style. In theory it should be easy. Sun dresses, floaty skirts, strappy sandals, what’s the problem?

Well, unless I am heading straight to the beach for a day on and in the water, or to a clifftop bar for aperols at sunset, then I find it hard to go “fully summer” in my look. So where does that leave me?

To keep it a little bit city and a little bit beachy I’ve mastered the hybrid look, or “resort-light”. This involves combining something whimsically summery with something more structured.

This hybrid look is vastly influenced by the climates of the various cities I have called home during my lifetime – Melbourne, Dublin and London – none of which are known for guaranteed sun-drenched summer days. This also explains the preponderance of black items hanging in my wardrobe.

As a result of all this, summer purchases need to be thoughtful, classic pieces that will last me a good few years and have a bit of a lifetime beyond the summer months. Otherwise, the value-per-wear is depressingly low.

summer days

Summer City Style 1

Anyone who has discovered the divine creations of Spell and the Gypsy Collective has probably already started developing their new festival-going, beach-babe, boho-princess alter-ego. I definitely did when I visited their dreamy headquarters in the tropical paradise of Byron Bay this year (my alter-ego’s name is Guinevere, FYI).

The result of said visit was this boho blouse, which, combined with more structured casual trousers, has become my summer in the city go-to weekend outfit.

And don’t get me started on the Mehry Mu bag, which has become my newest favourite…

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summer nights

Summer City Style 3

Foregoing the boho floaty dress for something more formal, I turn to some trusty accessories to transform an evening dress into something a bit less city and a bit more casual. Add the same Mehry Mu bag and tassel belt, combined with fabulous dancing sandals, and voila! An evening out with friends, most likely at a rooftop bar over-looking the lights of London.

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Blouse: Spell & the Gypsy Collective (similar here), Earrings: Soru Jewellery, Espadrille wedges: Rag & Bone; Sunglasses: Quay Australia, Handbag: Mehry Mu, Dress: By Malene Birger, Tassel sandals: KLF Designs