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Summer Knit Trousers

If these pants could talk, they would say, “Behold my sparkliness, my stretchiness, my nineteen-seventies-mermaid-inspired fabulousness. I’m going to change your life.” This summer I have discovered the beauty of the summer knit trousers. I took them and ran with them, and in them.

Summer Knit Trousers 1

And while London might, at the time of writing this, be two weeks deep in an almighty heat wave, the summer knit still holds its ground. Yes, I have a complicated relationship with my summer wardrobe, but the summer knit has made my outfit decisions that little bit less complicated, and that little bit more inspired.

First up, there is the fact that summer knit trousers feel like wearing sweatpants. Sometimes you just want the comfort of loungewear in the city. Second of all, most of the examples of the knitted trousers this season have been dreamily floaty and breezy. They breathe, even when you’re mid-heatwave and walking all over town in order to avoid London’s Underground, which quite frankly is so suffocatingly hot you like you’re descending into Satan’s butt-crack when you go down there. And finally, the knitted trousers are just that little bit different to your standard summer trousers, making you feel like you’ve actually made an effort with your outfit (while deep down inside, you feel as comfortable as you would be in your favourite leisurewear trackies, lounging on the sofa while sipping melted ice-cream from the bottom of the container.

Shop my pick of the summer knit trousers here:

Its not just the trousers that are having their knitted moment right now. There are gorgeous examples of knitted dresses, tops and skirts to be found all up and down the high street. I’ve been particularly fond of the neutral toned examples (this Massimo Dutti natural knit dress currently sitting at the top of my online shopping basket, as are these Zara knitted palazzos).

Summer Knit Trousers 2Summer Knit Trousers 4Summer Knit Trousers 7

Outfit deets: Trousers: By Malene Birger (sold out, similar here); Vest top: By Malene Birger; Crepe Knit Cardigan: Scanlan Theodore; Sandals: ATP Atelier; Necklace: Missoma London

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2 thoughts on “Summer Knit Trousers

  1. Love these pants! I’m always looking for comfortable clothes that look oh, so stylish and these definitely fit the bill. So to make sure I’m not looking too hippy in them, what else could I team it with on top?

    1. They are very comfortable! If you are worried about your hips, I’d wear something with a longer line on top, like the long cardigan I’m wearing in the picture. Hope that helps! There are lots around this season, so keep an eye out!

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