Rays of Light 7

Rays of Light

So you might have noticed its been a little quiet here on secondsister.com for the last few months. It started with me breaking both of my wrists last September which severely slowed me down for a few weeks (and which you can read about here and here). Then in the lead up to Christmas I lost my darling mum to her long battle with cancer.

While it is still too soon and painful to write about such a huge loss and the amazing friends and family who stepped up and helped us through it, what I would like to share is the little rays of light that shone through in difficult times. Continue reading “Rays of Light”

Paris City Guide – For the Repeat Offender

It doesn’t take long for every visitor to Paris to fall in love with the city. Usually it’s a matter of only minutes. The gorgeous tree lined boulevards, elegant cafe terraces and spectacular architecture, they’re irresistible.
So this Paris city guide is written for the repeat offender: the visitor who has been to Paris many times and fallen in love already, taken a picture of the Mona Lisa, climbed the Eiffel Tower (only to be disappointed because you can’t see the Eiffel Tower in the view from the top) and crawled all over the charming streets of Montmartre. This city guide is for someone who returns to Paris simply to have a little mooch around, soak up the atmosphere, sit in a cafe and write ones memoir (Hemingway-style) and feel just a tiny bit cool and Parisian.

Continue reading “Paris City Guide – For the Repeat Offender”

Melbourne Laneways

Melbourne, I Love You

Typical conversation in my adopted home of London:

Me: Hello. How are you?

Londoner: Hello, what part of Australia are you from?

Me: Melbourne.

Londoner: Really? I was in Australia once. I flew to Sydney, and then travelled all the way up the East Coast as far as Cairns. Beautiful country. I never went to Melbourne though….

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have had that conversation. I’d be getting around in a rather fancy pair of Gucci shoes by now, let me tell you.

Melbourne seems to miss a lot of the tourism that Sydney gets and that, my friends, is a crime! Melbourne is one seriously cool and sexy city.

Melbourne is known for its culture, live music, art, fashion, restaurants and (most importantly) coffee. There is too much to this vibrant city for me to cover in just one post, so lets just start with a wander around the City centre and through the Melbourne laneways labyrinth… Continue reading “Melbourne, I Love You”