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12 Signs You Have a Travel Addiction

My name is Suzanne and I have a travel addiction.

I hit my rock bottom the other day when I surveyed my bedroom to see what I need to do to by way of interior improvements. “Hmmmm, a rug to cover the floor boards would make it more cosy,” I thought to myself. My very next thought, without missing a beat, was “I’m going to have to book a trip to Marrakech to buy a new rug.” I duly texted my Moroccan friend to see when she’s free for a girls weekend in Marrakech – hammam spas, delicious Moroccan cuisine and rug shopping in the souk. It didn’t occur to me until later that evening that I’d translated interior decoration into excuse to start planning my next adventure. When did I become this person? Looking back at my life, the signs of my travel addiction were always there…

So here they are, the twelve signs I have identified in myself to help you determine whether, like me, you have a travel addiction:

1. you love to research your travel plans

In fact you spend your evenings on travel websites, reading reviews, leaving reviews, plotting and booking. You are probably the designated holiday planner amongst your friends or family, and you’re totally fine with that – they couldn’t plan it as awesomely as you anyway.

2. You’re the person at dinner parties who starts every story along the lines of “when i was in paris learning parkour…”

Yep, you’re the life of the party. Until you get annoyingly drunk and obnoxious about it (or maybe that’s just me).

3. you have friends everywhere

And your Buenos Aires fashion-designer and experimental-artist friends are probably way cooler than your hometown friends too.

4. your apartment is either decorated with treasures from the far reaches of the world, or its hardly decorated at all (in case you need to lease it out at short notice when the opportunity knocks to move to barcelona)

Either way, you need to think about striking a balance.

5. you can’t get a pet

If you did, your puppy would develop behavioural problems from all those insufficiently-supervised stays at the pet hotel.

Plants probably don’t do so well at your place either.

6. you keep your travel bag in the corner of your room with a full second set of TOILETRIES in it, ready to go

Packing could not be easier.

7. you could spend hours looking at a map of the world

“Where will I go when I finally pack it all in and embark on my sailing expedition around the world…?” Note to self, book sailing lessons in Croatia for next summer.

8. if you don’t have another trip booked, you start to question your very existence.

Get your next trip booked. It’s either that or a counselling session.

9. you know just enough of a few different languages to ask questions, but not understand the answers

“Donde esta la playa?” “¿estas soltero, señor?”

You might also pretend to understand the answer rather than betray yourself as a common tourist. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

10. You love the stamps in your passport, and sometimes read back through them like you’re reading a diary

The more stamps, the more memories.

11. Your apartment is way crappier than your more settled friends’ because you’ve spent all your hard-earned on travel

You justify it to yourself by reasoning that they won’t have the memories…

12. your happiest moments are after you arrive, find a fabulous little cocktail bar, sit back and take that first sip of champagne in the knowledge that a whole unknown ADVENTURE stretches out ahead of you

Yep, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Needless to say, I’m planning my Marrakech trip. I am what I am.

Travel Addiction 1
Can I justify it by describing myself as a “Citizen of the World”?

Any other signs that you’ve got a travel addiction? Leave them in the comments!

10 thoughts on “12 Signs You Have a Travel Addiction

  1. Great article – spot on! I would also add to the list, “You only buy handbags that have crossbody straps, so that they can be used for travel.” Alternately, “You browse the luggage/travel section of the department store for fun and inspiration.”

    1. Hi Dorothy. OMG, I’ve browsed the luggage section of the department store just for the inspiration too!!

  2. Very accurate and it is an incurable ‘condition’ … my husband and I have had it for many years and it seems that it will remain with us for ever ???. Living in Australia and ‘old age’ are no obstacles….

    1. I always remember you travelling to these glamorous locations – it must have been part of my inspiration to do the same! x

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