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Winter Style Ideas

During the summer, I bemoaned the challenges I experience with my summer wardrobe. Now that the evenings arrive earlier, the nip in the air is no longer that of a playful puppy, but more like an angry Rottweiler. And the problem of dressing for hot weather seems like a walk in the park compared to the one I face now: how to dress for winter, but still maintain some semblance of not having given up on life.

It’s not easy to stay warm in the depths of winter and still look cute. Outfits tend to take on an overall potato-like shape. All those layers, all the logistics, all the extra Christmas pudding consumed. After learning the hard way during last year’s hideous arctic vortex that hit London for an extended period of sartorial pain, here’s my tips for staying stylish when the weather doesn’t want you to be.

the power puff

We’re all familiar with the puffer jacket. And yes, they are a God send in the winter time. But they can also make you look like a tourist. The solution is the style power puff. Its a puffer. But it also has an exaggerated silhouette, timeless design and the puffiest of puffs.

For the ultimate puffer, look no further than the exclusive Nanushka x Liberty. A match made in winter heaven.

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Puffer Jacket: Nanushka x Liberty

Leather trousers

I love leather trousers so much I dedicated an entire post to them. There’s not much more to say other than, they’re toasty, they’re a step up from your average jeans/trouser option and  they are pretty darn cool.

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pointed toe boots

Boots are a given at this time of year. And while hiking boots are having a moment this AW18, I’m opting for a pointed toe style. First of all, they elongate the legs, making me feel a lot less frumpy. Second, they elevate your outfit from casual to smart-casj. And I’m all for that when I’m booting around town.

Winter Style 4

Bag: Liberty; Coat: Vince; Boots: And Other Stories

Extreme Layering

Winter calls not just for intelligent layering, à la Autumn. It demands what I call extreme layering. This is where the oversize wool coat comes in. If you get your wool coat a size up from your usual, there are all sorts of possibilities in the layering department.

Here, I’ve layered a shirt, blazer, coat, scarf and what you can’t see is my Uniqlo heat tech t-shirt worn underneath for extra insulation on those especially arctic mornings.

In the dark heart of January, I’ll layer in a burgundy wool scarf and beanie too. And when it feels like winter will never end, I’ll layer in a thin Uniqlo puffer vest under my coat.

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classic colours

I’m all for colour, don’t get me wrong. But winter is one of those times you can opt for dark, classic colours and not beat yourself up for not wearing bright colour.

Navy, burgundy, camel and grey are all tones that work interchangeably.

Winter Style 12

cinch it in

I mentioned potatoes before, and I didn’t use that metaphor lightly. All the layers run the risk of looking like one. Or like a cushion.

The solution is to belt your coat, ideally with a wide belt which makes your waist look narrower.

Sodermalm 1

Faux fur

Faux fur makes such a statement that you can wear an otherwise pedestrian outfit underneath it. It’s the easiest option you can possibly go for on those days when you feel uninspired and just want to throw on jeans and a jumper. Throw on a massive faux fur, and you have instant style.

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